Malware analysis report: Smoke Loader

16 minute read

Smoke Loader, software introduced in 2011, is primarily utilized for loading subsequent stages of malware onto systems, particularly information stealers des...

Malware analysis report: Snake keylogger

7 minute read

Snake Keylogger (aka 404 Keylogger) is a subscription-based keylogger with numerous features. The infostealer has the ability to steal a victim’s personal in...

Malware analysis report: Babuk ransomware

15 minute read

Babuk is a ransomware family that was first discovered in early 2021. It quickly became infamous, especially among corporate networks, for its ability to qui...

Malware source code investigation: AsyncRAT

8 minute read

AsyncRAT is a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) designed to remotely monitor and control infected systems. It is free, open-source, and often used by cybercriminals...

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